The 10 best websites for learning about money in 2023

The 10 best websites for learning about money in 2023

Understanding how to manage your finances is essential for staying out of debt, building wealth, having a comfortable retirement, and tools such as life insurance to protect your loved ones. While achieving financial literacy sounds like a formidable task, there are plenty of online resources that can help.

But how do you know which sources to trust? Check out our list of the top 10 websites to learn about personal finance.

1. Wise Bread

If you're new to the financial world, this personal finance website is a great place to begin. The authors cover basic personal finance topics, and share their own tips and experiences. Wise Bread is geared more toward those living fruitfully. Expect lots of “saving hacks” and budget articles.

Best for: Learn to spend less and save more

2. Policygenius Magazine

If you've nailed the basics and are looking for more financial guidance, check out our magazine. We offer explainers on money news and give personalized advice on big money moves like buying a home or growing your family. Want more freeadvice? We also offer a weekly newsletter with quick cash tasks to get your finances back on track.

Best for: Busy people looking for direct money advice

3. Econlife

Econlife combines current events, history and economy in an easy-to-digest way. The website analyzes economic stories, past and present, to help readers understand the financial choices they are making.

Best for: Learning about how the economy connects with daily life

4. The White Coat Investor

James Dahle is an practicing emergency physician and the author of White Coat Investor, a blog, book and podcast.

His blog covers personal finance for healers and other high-income professionals. Most of the advice is directed towards doctors, but investors with more capital can also take advantage.

Best for: High-income professionals seeking financial assistance

5. HerMoney

Women view and use money differently than men, and they often face challenges at work that can hinder them financially, according to HerMoney CEO Jean Chatzky. HerMoney provides personal finance and career advice for women. The website includes articles such as how to ask for a raise or how to talk about money with your partner.

Best for: Women

6. Quora

Quora is not a traditional personal finance publication. It is a Q&A site where users can answer other users' questions. Users can give personalized answers, so that the next time you're struggling with a particular financial issue, you may find you're not alone. Note: Most answers are not given by financial professionals. While using Quora can help point you in the right direction, it's best to do more research before taking money tips.

Best for: Finding the answer to your particular money question

7. New York Times: Your Money

Readers can expect explanations on the latest financial regulations and changes. Most of the stories in this section of the New York Times are narratives with a financial perspective. If you have a good understanding of personal finance and the financial world, this site is a great go-to for policy news.

Best for: Staying up to date on financial policies

8. Entrepreneur

As its name suggests, this website (which is also published as a monthly magazine) offers stories about entrepreneurship, freelancing and owning a small business.
Want to learn more? Check out our interview with Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Best for: Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

10. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for marketplace transparency. The website offers product reviews and suggestions for consumers. It provides content on topics such as avoiding hidden fees, product safety and how to protect your stuff. The website also follows and reports about food and product recalls.

Consumer Reports tests products in their own labs to ensure accurate reviews. If you have ever planned on buying something, this is a good place to find the best (and safest) products.

Best for: Product research

Which is the best software for finance?

The Handbook to Choose the Best Finance Management Software

1. QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks helps you track and organize your finances for you, so you don't need to worry about entering information manually. It makes tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking and more automatic.

2. Kissflow Finance.

Financial software for transactional efficiency and operational control. Kissflow offers a comprehensive cloud based finance operations solution for small

3. Zoho Finance Plus.

Zoho Finance offers you a comprehensive suite of online applications - invoicing, inventory, accounting, and more from a unified platform.

4. Xero.

Xero online accounting software for your business connects you to your bank, accountant, bookkeeper and other business applications.

5. Oracle Financials Cloud.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials is a global financial platform that connects and automate your financial management processes, including payables, receivables, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting, for a clear view into your total financial health.

6. Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct, Inc is an American provider of cloud-based Financial management and services available in five regions worldwide -- including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

What are the best personal finances?

The best Personal Finance Software Options of 2023

1. Best Overall: Quicken.

Quicken personal finance and money management software allows you to manage expenses, create monthly budgets, track investments, retire and more.

2. Best for Budgeting: Mint.

Take charge of your budget with Mint's online budget planner Our free budget tracker helps you understand your expenses for a brighter financial future.

3. Best for Habit Building: YNAB.

YNAB was driven by a small (but growing!), passionate team. We are building the best budgeting software out there. We hear reports every day of lives being changed: debts paid off, marriages saved, opportunities seized, stress eliminated and sleep reinvented! When you gain control of your money, you gain control of your life and you feel great.

4. Best for Taxes: TurboTax.

TurboTax is a software package for preparation of American income tax returns, manufactured by Intuit. TurboTax is the market leader in its product segment, competing against H&R Block Tax Software and TaxAct.

5. Best for Investing: FutureAdvisor.

FutureAdvisor is a registered investment advisory firm that manages a user's existing IRAs, 401(k), and other investment accounts.

6. Best for Investment Advice: Personal Capital.

Personal Capital is an online financial advisor and personal wealth management firm headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA with offices in San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.

7. Best for Spreadsheet Management: Tiller Money.

Tiller Money is a tool which automatically feeds transactions and balances to a spreadsheet (either in Excel or Google Sheets). It allows you to keep track of all parts of your financial life in one place.

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