10 Best Matte Black Nail Ideas To Try In 2023

If you're not feeling the sparkly, feminine manicures and glossy donut nails à la Hailey Bieber that have been flooding the internet in the past few months, I have good news for you. The trendiest manicure of 2023 channels the opposite vibe: gothcore. Edgy, moody, statement-making matte black manicures and nail designs will be seen on cool-girls everywhere.

So, to help you jumpstart this trend, I've scrolled through Instagram for hours to gather the coolest matte black nails—including all-black French manicures, minimalistic non-glossy nail art, punk rock-inspired nail accents, and more—that you should immediately add to your saved collection and reference as inspiration for your next nail appointment.

Matte Black Queen of Hearts Mani

Grab a nail dotting tool, dip it into black polish, and with a light hand, create two adjacent dots (close together but with space in between) in the center of the nail bed. Connect the dots into a V shape, fill it in, and voila—you have a rich black heart on a nude base, the most romantic matte black manicure.

Nail Idea: Matte Black Flames

Ditch the bright, fiery-colored manicures. Matte black flames nail trend looks subdued yet intensifies the dripping effect, especially on rounded nails, where combing the entire nail tip locks the design in place.

Black and Cream Cableknit Nails

We've now entered the territory of winter nail art—designs that lend themselves to a matte finish and cozy season. The 3D design amplifies the glossy base layer, and since you'll only be covering half the top of the nail with sweater-knit nail art, thin lines offer a transition between thick and smooth polish textures.

Matte Black Celestial Nail Art

This epic mani has it all. Gradation, ombre-esque finish, matte black tips, and stunning golden celestial designs.

2023 Mani Idea: Black Zodiac Nails

I may not know what my rising sun, sun, and moon signs are to accurately recreate my own matte black zodiac-inspired mani, but what I do know is that gold nail stickers are perfect to try out the constellation nail trend. Your Amazon cart never looked better.

This Dual-Textured Manicure

Hello, minimalist. You see, the beautiful thing about dual-textured nail looks is that there are no rules—it's all about what you want. Start by coloring your nails with matte black, then freehand a few simple lines and shapes using glossy black polish.

This Matte Black Mani with Italics

Finding the right nail polish to contrast your all-matte black mani is as easy as finding a hue that's on the far end of the color spectrum: ultra-nude matte polish. And if your pretty little hands can pull off hand-drawn nail art with your non-dominant hand too (truly talented), take the chance to invest in Orly's Short Detailer Brush for beautiful slants and lettering in just one flick.

This Diagonal Matte Black Nail Idea

The secret to making this design look 10/10 isn't the epic coffin-shaped nails (although that definitely doesn't hurt your chances)... it's tape. Use it to create clean, sharp lines between matte and glossy polishes like a pro.

Matte Black Nails with Metallic Stars

I can soooo see this matte black manicure with holographic stars becoming a thing during festival season. For a DIY, treat yourself by purchasing some star-shaped nail stickers or decals, plus a shiny top coat to seal them in place.

Tattoo-Inspired Matte Black Nails for 2023

When my TikTok For You page was flooded with nail tattoo videos, I had to resist the urge to ink up my nails. But let me tell you, these edgy designs in the middle of the nail are directly mimicking the trend.

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