Concerns of Closure Arise as Evernote Announces Massive Staff Layoffs

Concerns of Closure Arise as Evernote Announces Massive Staff Layoffs

Evernote, the popular note-taking platform, is facing an uncertain future as its new parent company, Bending Spoons, has carried out substantial layoffs and decided to relocate all operations to Europe.

Bending Spoons CEO Luca Ferrari revealed that the majority of Evernote's operations would be shifted to Europe, citing the potential for enhanced operational efficiency through centralization. Consequently, a significant number of Evernote employees based in the San Francisco Bay area and Chile have been let go, and the corresponding offices will be permanently closed.

Bending Spoons, a European technology firm, acquired Evernote in January after announcing the deal in November 2022. Ferrari expressed confidence in Evernote's potential, despite its struggles in recent years. Evernote has experienced multiple rounds of layoffs in 2015, 2018, and 2022, alongside office closures and executive departures. Ferrari, however, believes that Bending Spoons can propel Evernote to new heights.

While Bending Spoons declined to disclose the exact number of employees affected by the layoffs, Ferrari reassured that the company has ambitious plans for Evernote.

"Our dedication to Evernote remains steadfast," Ferrari stated. "Moving forward, a dedicated and growing team based in Europe will take charge of the Evernote product. This team will also have the advantage of leveraging the expertise and capabilities of Bending Spoons' 400-plus workforce, many of whom have been working on Evernote full-time since the acquisition."

Despite these assurances, the future of Evernote appears uncertain in a market saturated with more contemporary note-taking solutions such as Notion, Obsidian, and Microsoft Loop. Understandably, Evernote users are concerned about the potential closure of the service. It is advisable for remaining users to consider migrating their data to alternative platforms in the event of an abrupt shutdown.

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