Nails Chrome Is Set To Be The Summer Rrend — These 10 Designs Prove It

Nails Chrome

How to create chrome nails at home

If you don't want to go to a salon, you can create chrome nails yourself at home. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • Prepare your nails as usual with a base coat.
  • Try using a black polish before applying the chrome to make the chrome color stand out.
  • Apply the chrome polish slowly and evenly for full coverage.
  • Apply a top coat without wiping and let it dry.
  • Rub the chrome onto the top coat.
  • Add an extra top coat to seal the chrome completely.


  • "The key, like with any long-lasting manicure, is to ensure your nails are free from fibers/dirt so you work on a good surface."
  • "Do one nail at a time — rubbing the chrome is easier when the nail is warm straight from the lamp."
  • "Try the Mylee Cushion Powder Pen."

10 chrome nail design ideas

1. Pink chrome tips

Imagine this design shimmering under the summer sun. Silver stars are just perfection.

2. Slim French Chrome

The slim French manicure is still the best for Spring/Summer 2023, and this chrome design is at the top of the MC team's target list.

3. Wavy French Chrome

The color combination on this recreated French manicure is beautiful, and we absolutely love the wavy design.

4. Rainbow chrome tips

Chrome nails don't have to be just one color. If you can't decide on a color, why not choose them all?

5. Stiletto chrome stars

We're saving this super sharp mani design for an upcoming summer festival.

6. Liquid chrome

This design is definitely one to save for when you encounter a nail artist expert, but if they can do it (excuse the pun), the result will be worth it.

7. Sky chrome accents

Think chrome nail art can't be chic? This star design might make you think again.

8. Fiery chrome

Fire-themed nail art is trending right now, and this pink chrome design leads the way.

9. 3D chrome

When done with polygel, 3D chrome nails have Marie Claire's seal of approval.

10. Extraterrestrial chrome

Yet another design to save for any festival you may attend this summer.

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