Rihanna Might Have Been Thinking About These 20 Beauty Products In Her Song “Where Have You Been”

I've been everywhere, man, looking for someone. Someone to complete me — and thats the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, honestly.

1. A hydrating grip primer by E.l.f. that'll keep your makeup in check all day while delivering hyaluronic acid to your skin to help it retain moisture. Reviewers are even comparing it to Milk's Hydro Grip primer! I'd probably fist fight with fire just to get close to this stuff.

Promising reviews: "I got hooked on a little sample of the Milk Hydro Grip primer, but when I went to buy it….. $36 for a relatively small bottle! I wanted to find a good alternative, so I bought this. It is PERFECT! Nearly identical formula. I have sensitive skin and this did not break me out. It really does help keep makeup on all day and makes your skin look smooth. I highly recommend this." —Allison

"Tried this for the first time today, I’ve always had trouble with my makeup staying on and looking fresh all day. I just used this for the first time. I did my makeup this morning, ran several errands and went to a festival in Atlanta where it was extremely hot and humid. I just got home and my makeup looks like I just did it. So impressed!"

2. A long-lasting makeup setting spray that'll make sure your makeup isn't going ANYWHERE. If you're about four five seconds from wildin' all night, you'll need this to make sure your face stays in place.

This is personally my absolute favorite setting spray. My skin is soooo so oily some days it looks like I rubbed Popeyes chicken on my face. This spray keeps me matte and keeps my makeup in place ALL 👏 DAY 👏. Like, even after brunch in DC (if you're from DC you know brunch is an all-day event) my makeup looks absolutely perfect. You know when you come home from a full day out and you kinda cringe because your makeup has moved all around? Yeah, never happens with this spray. I get home, look in the mirror, and I'm still a baddie!! Nothing has ever worked this well for me, like, this spray really works harder than Kris Jenner, I kid you not. My oily skin and I cannot live without this. 10/10 recommend. 

Promising reviews: "When I first got into makeup, I tried the drugstore setting sprays and they did nothing for my makeup. I thought I was doing my makeup wrong or my combo skin was keeping it from staying on my face. During the midst of me discovering Urban Decay and being completely obsessed with it. I decided to try this spray. Best decision ever! Complete game changer for me. I know it’s snooty, but I’ll never try another setting spray. If I have to sell a kidney then so be it, I will have this spray! Glad to have found it for a cheaper price on Amazon!"

3. A nightly face wash by Shark Tank-approved brand Youthforia, the creators of our *fave* color changing blush. Yep, they make so much more than just that blush! This cleanser is infused with real green tea leaves to help remove makeup, impurities, and dead skin.

I have this and my obsession is so real. I have soooo many skincare products, like a ridiculous three drawers full of skincare, and I always grab for this stuff. It's gentle which I love most because my skin is so sensitive. I'm usually nervous to try out new cleansers but let me tell you, I don't regret trying this out one bit. My skin has never been clearer and my skin is noticeably clearer, like, people are noticing and complimenting me on my skin. First time since I was like 10 that I've had clear skin. It also helps get all the makeup off my face and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. 10/10, love this stuff. I honestly have quite a few of this brands products and none have disappointed me.

Youthforia is an Asian woman-owned small business established in 2020 that specializes in environmentally friendly, cruelty-free makeup.

Promising review: "Usually, I skip washing my face at night but now in my late 50s, I really need to come clean. In any event, I was skeptical to buy from a brand that is seemingly targeted at those a couple of decades or so younger than I am. I used the Night Off Face Wash and not only did it take off sunscreen grime and dirt, it left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. By way of background, I have sensitive skin with redness and the face wash seemed to have a rather calming effect."

4. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen that can also be used as your makeup primer, offering broad-spectrum SPF 40 without feeling greasy or leaving a white cast. I know, I know, trying to make sure you wear sunscreen on your face can be a pain, especially if you wanna wear a full face of makeup butttt, that's why this baby is so perfect! A win if I ever knew one.

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Natalie Brown says, "I have oily, acne-prone skin and use a prescription retinol to control things, which means I MUST use sunscreen on my face every day. My mom, who had been using this Supergoop stuff the whole time, got me a bottle of this cult-favorite for Christmas last year. (Moms do know best sometimes!!) I couldn't be happier with it! A dime-size amount covers my entire face, because it's translucent it leaves absolutely no white cast, and 10 minutes after putting it on, my face just feels like I applied a little bit of a nice moisturizer or makeup primer, not anything that's grease-central, like sunscreen usually is. It does pill if I put it on too soon after my morning topical acne prescription, but as long as I give that script about five minutes to sink in, I have no issues. I've been impressed by the way my matte foundation glides over it, looks with it, and lasts with it." 

Promising review: "I can't live without this sunscreen anymore. Very easy to apply, gives a nice finish to my face after a skincare routine. It has a very pleasant finishing touch so I've been using it instead of a primer. It is invisible so no worries about the white cast at all. Can't recommend it enough." 

5. Too Faced Born This Way Concealer so you can skip foundation because really, who has the time? It's a lightweight, full-coverage formula that conceals, contours, highlights, *and* retouches all at the same time, significantly cutting the time spent on just getting your base ready. It'll be all you need and more — ahhhh, that's what Rihanna meant!

Check it out in this TikTok where the creator demonstrates a five-minute makeup routine using it.

This is one of my personal holy grails. I love love love makeup, some may say I have way too much makeup. I have super duper oily skin and after a few hours I desperately need to blot. Not cute. I've spent my entire 20s looking for a perfect concealer and this is it. I have bought tons and tons of concealers from drugstore brands to the most expensive, luxurious brands — this is my favorite, without a doubt, can't live without it. Now, of course a lot of things factor into how greasy my skin gets, from my skincare routine to my primer to my setting spray. But I feel like I've finally figured out a routine that works and this is an important step in my makeup routine. Love love love this stuff. 

Promising review: "This is my go-to concealer. I use it every single day without fail. I don't find the need to set it or cake it on because it has good coverage and doesn't crease a lot. I literally have backups for my backups of this product and pick some up every time there is the annual sales. Can't live without it."

6. A bottle of TikTok-famous Elizavecca hair treatment that contains ceramides and collagen to help give your hair shine and make it smooth in just five minutes!

Promising reviews: "Not gonna lie, I was skeptical that this could help me. A few months ago, I decided I could bleach my hair. I burnt it to such a crisp that I’ve literally been wearing it up under a cap. That worked when it was winter, but now it’s warm, so I needed a solution. I saw this product highly recommended on other sites and the reviews were good. So, I ordered a tube. Used it twice now and OH. MY. LANTA. For months, my hair has felt like crunchy noodles ready to snap at a moment's notice. After one treatment (left in about 15 minutes after shampoo, before conditioner) my ends feel soft!! After the second time washing with it, it actually moves like it’s not damaged and it is visibly SO much healthier. Like seriously idk how they bottled witchcraft, but I’m going to continue to use this product even when my hair grows out. An absolute magical miracle potion! I seriously prepared myself to explain to the world that it doesn’t work. But instead, I have the healthiest hair I’ve had since being a home hairdresser. 10/10 for less then $10. Picture from left to right (blonde above): my hair before using this, my hair after first treatment, my hair after second treatment. —Beth

"Amazing — truly as good as TikTok said it is. I had to quarantine a few months ago, and I ended up experimenting (frying) my hair out of boredom. I used this mask one time, and the difference it made was ASTRONOMICAL (lol). Seriously though, this stuff is good. Keep in mind it’s a mask you def need to rinse out!"

7. A 3-in-1 tinted skin conditioner because foundation can be a bit much in warmer weather. This will give you a natural, dewy finish. It's got SPF 11 in it, and it'll help protect, perfect, and hydrate your skin! This stuff is soooo hydrating with all the yummy hyaluronic acid, rosewater, cucumber extract, and Irish sea moss, which all sound like a skin treat. 

Note: The ADA recommends choosing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher so this wouldn't be sufficient *on its own* for daily coverage! (And check out more sunscreen myths and facts, according to derms we talked to!)

The Lip Bar is a Black woman-owned small biz and all of its products are vegan and cruelty-free. (There are no unnecessary chemicals!!)

Promising review: "I have acne-prone skin. I’ve suffered with acne for 15 years. This is the FIRST product ever to not cause me to break out. It did not feel like I had make up on. I wore it for a major TV production and it was so easy to wear. I had it in on for 11 hours. I did purchase a shade lighter since I purchased the finishing powder which is more of my skin color. I didn’t know if the tint would oxidize, so I went lighter. I’m three days post wearing it and my skin feels good and no new bumps. I am an African American woman with oily skin and acne scarring. This did me good! It starts and ends with TLB." 

8. A lip plumper from the Queen herself, Ms. Fenty Beauty, Rihanna. Everything she touches is a hit — music, lingerie, and definitely this lip plumper. This baby delivers a slight tint and a slight tingle to achieve full, plump, beautiful lips that'll be so juicy you could convince people you got a syringe of Juvederm.

Promising review: "Rihanna ATE. This is literally my favorite lipgloss ever. I've bought the heat and the normal one as well. I can't ever get enough of it. I always get compliments when I wear it and I even bought it as a birthday gift for my friend. We love to see it!!"

9. A pack of 36 acne patches because a pimple is NOT ruining our day, babe! These patches absorb gunk and help to speed up the pimple-healing process without picking or popping. Abracadabra, psh, what pimple?

Promising reviews: "When I ordered this product, I admit, I didn't think it would work. I have adult acne and visit a dermatologist regularly, my chin area is especially bad. I used one the first night I received them. It's acne sorcery. I honestly could not believe it worked. Pimple gone overnight and a flat surface remained. I do not know how they get this pimple magic to work, but I am sold and have literally texted all the people in my life. It's complete magic! Do it, I promise you will be shocked!" 

10. A volcanic stone face roller to soak up excess face oil even if you're wearing makeup. This baby is reusable AND washable!! So if you wanna toss those blotting papers, be my guest.

Promising review: "So I saw this on TikTok, and as an esthetician, I’m all about skincare. I got the product today and wanted to test it out in the evening when my skin is most oily. Holy moly, what type of witchery is this? It literally absorbed my oily T-zone. 🤯 I’m impressed. My skin type is combination but more on the oilier side. This thing is like an oil blot, but made of volcanic stone. I love that we can take it apart to wash and reuse. Def would recommend!"

11. A sooooo good AHA/BHA refining enzyme mask your skin will *personally* thank for helping with redness, excess oils, pores, acne, and dull skin. This baby can be used as a mask or a spot treatment and will leave you feeling like you've got love on the brain.

12. A Stila liquid glitter shadow that'll have your lids looking ahhhh-mazing. You'll love em so much you'll wanna snag one of every color! Diamonds ain't nothin when you're shinin' with this shadow.

Promising review: "I saw this on Hilary Duff on Instagram — she used Bronze Bell — I went for Kitten Karma because I wanted something less dramatic. These are extremely quick and easy to apply and make it look like you spent a bunch of time and effort to achieve the look, but you didn’t! I am getting more shades for sure."

13. An outrageously popular Differin gel with over 37,000 *glowing* ratings raving about this magic treatment. It's a prescription-strength retinoid that targets clogged pores and inflammation to help restore skin texture and tone. It'll get all up in those pores helping prevent new acne from forming. Now doesn't that just sound lovely?

Promising reviews: "This product is amazing. I saw it on TikTok, and it did not disappoint. This is literally the only product I've come across that actually works overnight! It's better than any acne patches or serums. I highly recommend!" —Diana N.

"This product is a MAGIC ERASER on acne. This is the only product that works on my acne. It dried up my hormonal acne within one night! So I have mild hormonal acne due to menstrual cycle, but after using this gel every night and following the directions in the package, it has really helped me get rid of acne and dark spots. This product did not break me out in initial use or even later. This one tube lasted me for a couple of months and a few days over. I love the results, and I will buy another tube if my acne acts up again but for now I have clean and clear skin. Thanks Differin!"

14. A Nyx jumbo liner pencil that straight up delivers with the pigment while also being super blendable. It can also be used as a shadow or highlighter, making this a triple threat.

Promising review: "This eyeliner is amazing and better than any expensive brand eyeliner I have tried. It is so pigmented and you barely need to press down to get the white to show. Highly recommend this if you are looking to do white eyeliner on your water line!"

15. A continuous water mister for the days that you need to freshen up those curls. Don't you love when people ask you what you use to make your hair curly? Uhm, water. This mister is just what you need to keep your curls poppin' and juicy.

Promising review: "I have curly hair so I am constantly spraying to style it. This thing is amazing. It's a light mist so it's not going to soak just one spot like cheaper bottles do. Plus, it's a continuous spray so it sprays for a few seconds at a time. Love love love it."

16. A stunning highlight that'll make you ✨ shine bright like a diamond ✨. One thing about Rihanna, she never misses and this gorgeous highlight is proof.👏👏

Promising review: "Three times today, THREE times I was given compliments on my makeup. Do you like glitter, shimmer, sparkle?? You’re gonna LOVE this!"

17. An Elizavecca pore control serum with hyaluronic acid in it that'll help tighten enlarged pores and deliver 'em some moisture while also helping to balance your face's moisture. Uhm, we loveeeee Elizavecca; everything they touch is *chefs kiss*.

Promising review: "After I gave birth, my face was so rough, and I broke out terribly. I started using this with my daily facial routine, and IMMEDIATELY, my face cleared up and was so smooth. I was comfortable not wearing any makeup again, which was really nice. For context, I wash my face daily with a foaming oil control face wash, gentle for the skin, and then, I apply this and let it dry. Then, I apply my regular face moisturizer. Worked wonders." 

18. The marvelous, practical Alleyoop Pen Pal, which is an eyeliner, lip liner, highlighter, and brow pencil all in one. It looks just as fun to use as those multicolor pens we all had as kids. This is perfect for touching up your makeup after work before going out to dinner. If this baby got paid, it'd deserve a raise. Assignment = understood.

Promising review: "Didn’t even know I needed this product until I got it!! No going back now — it’s the perfect on the go essential and the pigment is beautiful. Long lasting, pretty, and compact!" 

19. A blurring setting powder that'll make you feel like you found love in a hopeless place with this baby. Silky smooth, poreless-looking, matte skin for up to 14 hours?! Definitely must be love on the brain.

I love love love this stufffff, omg. My skin is oily oily (gotta say it twice for emphasis), and I have spent my entire teen/adult life looking for products that'll make me matte and KEEP me matte. I've tried so many setting powders, and literally none can compete with this one. This powder is a serious bad B. I mean, pores? Nonexistent. Oily shiny face? Not up in here. I'm gagged every time. Just call me a walking IG filter, 'kay, it's that good. Patrick, I could kiss you for this freakin' powder. *OH!* and BTW, I am a brown-skinned woman and the translucent shade works perfect for me. No cakey, weird, suuuper light powder, no flashback, nothing. Looks just like my skin!!

One/Size is a queer, Filipino-owned business founded by makeup guru Patrick Starr to ensure that makeup is really one size fits all, as it should be. 

Promising reviews: "Literally, what's in this powder? Beauty spells? I have normal to dry skin but tend to grease up pretty easy when I use dewy foundations. I used this for the first time today and fell absolutely in love! I usually don’t care too much for high-end powders or powders at all, but this one for me is top tier. It didn’t necessarily dry out my skin, but it stopped it from becoming greasy and it kept my makeup looking the same as when I applied it for hours. I definitely will be repurchasing; I’ve never been more in love with a setting powder!"

20. A color corrector — a 4-in-1 eye, lip, and cheek multistick that'll neutralize dark spots and circles in case you've felt like NOTHING will cover your tired under eyes lately. Put this over any areas with hyperpigmentation, then put your foundation or concealer over the top and boom: tired under-eyes will be gone quicker than Irina left Zack on Love Is Blind. Sing it with me, y'all, 🎶 where have you been all my liiiiiife?!?! 🎶

Live Tinted is a South Asian woman-owned small biz that specializes in clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products for all skin tones. 

Promising reviews: "I can't believe I've lived without this product for so long! This is SOOOO much better than the concealers I've used in the past because it really covers up my dark circles. This product is a staple in my makeup routine! Can't live without this!" 

21. An absolutely GORG eyeshadow palette by the one and only TikTok beauty guru, Mikayla Nogueira. I meannnn, *squeals at how stunning these colors are.* This palette is belting out "Needed Me" by Rihanna, and it's absolutely right. I do need you, Mikayla palette.

22. A no-budge liquid lippie with tons of pigmentation that seriously isn't gonna run off your mouth once you sip a drink. I mean, what genius made this baby? 16-hour wear?! This stuff puts in 🎶 work work work work work work 🎶.

Promising review: "Once dried, it stays on perfectly without drying your lips! The perfect amount of shine and comfortable all-day wear. I ended up getting two colors because I liked it so much!" 

23. A MakeUp Eraser cloth that you can wash and reuse! And get this, it can help remove your makeup with JUST WATER! This'll def save you some shmoney since you won't have to constantly buy makeup wipes.

Okay friends, so I have suuuuper sensitive eyes and every makeup remover there is began to make my eyes burn, terribly. I finally got one of these after procrastinating for, like, ever, and holy moly. It does exactly what it says it does — removes all my makeup with JUST WATER. No more burning eyes! This is my new holy grail. Can't live without this. Oh, and the fact that I can rewash it and use it over and over?! I'm obsessed.

Promising review: "I am amazed by this product. I would even say that this is life-altering! I have not had to buy makeup remover in three months and don't believe I will ever have to again! When I used makeup remover, I felt like I could never get all of my makeup off and I had to rub my eyes quite a bit to get it off. Even after a lot of rubbing when using makeup remover I still would wake up the next morning with makeup residue from the previous day and I never felt I could completely get my makeup off. With MakeUp Eraser, there is not one bit of makeup left!! It is like magic!! Make sure you follow directions, you have to use warm water and use the correct side!"

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