10 Best Hair Color Trends For 2023 According To Hairstylists

Hair Color Trends

Hair Color Trends. I'll be honest: I'm easily influenced. Like, I just caught a glimpse of my favorite hair color trends in 2023 screenshots and somehow ended up with a cool-toned chocolatey brown hue in my shopping cart. But can you blame me when one of the biggest hair trends this year is soft tones and high shine? I didn't think so. So whether you're layering glazes to turn your hair into a perfectly roasted meal, adding highlights to brighten up after a gloomy winter, or finally trying a new color (hi, peachy orange), you'll find trend ideas below that match the vibes of your 2023 mood.

Keep scrolling to see the biggest hair color trends of 2023 below, handpicked for you by two experts—celebrity hair colorist Matt Rez and hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein—who are truly knowledgeable about the best new hair colors and patterns that everyone will be rocking. Get ready to have a fully stocked IG saved folder.

1.Sandy Blonde for 2023

The overall 2023 hair trend you'll notice? Shades of light to medium brown. "People will be taking their colors deeper this year," says hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, "even if it's just a darker, more blended blonde or a creamy mushroom brown." Enter: this dark sandy blonde that has neutral undertones that will look great with a mix of skin tones and eye colors. If you're not ready to fully let go of your bright blonde highlights, do as Margot Robbie does and try balayage right around your face for dimension, then tone with cool-toned gloss to match the rest of your creamy hues.

2.Gemini Hair Trend for 2023

Call your air sign friend because indecision is in the air, bb. Two-tone dye jobs are the latest trend exploding on Pinterest, dubbed "Gemini Hair." The trend is all about mixing colors, whether it's two contrasting hues (like Kehlani's blonde and brown colors above) or combining complementary colors or playing with multi-tonal hues. Sound intimidating? Don't worry—you can always hop on the trend with some wigs, colorful braided hair, or DIY extensions.

3.Saddle Brown Hair Trend

The coolest thing about this sandy brown hair color is that it genuinely suits all skin tones because it's pretty neutral. It's similar to the mushroom brown hair trend in 2022 but with more sandy vibes (some might call it "mousy," which means cute). Before going for this color, try it out with a hair gloss if your hair is on the lighter side, says hair colorist Matt Rez. "You can ask your colorist to deepen your current color by one or two shades with a salon gloss, which lasts around four to six weeks and will be easier to flip back if you want to go back to a lighter color later," he says.

4.Champagne Blonde Hair

Rez describes this color as "bright, shiny, golden blonde with super subtle rose reflections," noting that it'll be highly popular for spring/summer 2023. Rez is the stylist behind Madelyne Cline's trend above, using a mix of highlights, golden cream hair gloss (as per the IG caption), and lowlights (to "add depth to really showcase and define the champagne blonde highlights," he says). If you squint, you'll see he keeps the highlights an inch or two from Klein's roots for a natural and dirty look, which you can also request from your stylist.

5.Chunky Highlights for 2023

I didn't think we'd be revisiting Y2K hair trends, but honestly, I'm here for it with these chunky-blonde highlights (especially on Madison Bailey's ultra-long hair). But don't worry—instead of chunky 2003-style blonde streaks, this year's trend will be beautifully blended and more wearable, with soft balayage that, ahem, pairs well with lip gloss, side bangs, and Juicy Couture tracksuits.

6.Butterscotch Blonde

I literally just sent my stylist a picture of Mia Goth's blonde hair color as inspiration for my next spring hair color. Its shimmering and slightly golden blonde is the latest touch on the warm and honey hues of 2022, which feels like a seamless transition between the cool colors of winter and the warmth of summer. Because I'm a busy woman who doesn't have time to style my hair all the time, I might ask for the same shadowy roots as Goth, which also has the bonus effect of making her blonde tones look brighter for spring.

7.Brownie Hair Trend

Want your brown hair color to look ~deliciously~ dimensional? Rez suggests adding some subtle lightness for contrast, noting that the most popular hair colors in 2023 will be full of depth, like Ashley Park's look above. You can ask your stylist to go for a more subtle take on the brownie hair trend, with a few soft golden-brown spots throughout the parting. Or, you can go all-in for the caramel drizzle with all-over warm highlights. Oh, I'm hungry.

8.Ash Gray Hair Color for 2023

As recently proclaimed by Julia Fox: Aging is actually in. So whether you have salt-and-pepper hair coming in, or you're starting the process a bit, going gray is the vibe we're all about. Once your natural grays come through, swap out your regular cleanser for a purple shampoo once a week to keep them bright and shiny. Or, if you're bleaching your hair to recreate the gray effect, incorporate bond repair treatments every two weeks to strengthen your hair (hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein swears by Monat's Rejuvabond Intense Repair Treatment, while I'm fully living for Living Proof's Triple Conversion Bond Repair Complex).

9.Vibrant Red Hair Colors

No, the bright red hair moment won't be left behind in 2022, according to Rubenstein. Megan Thee Stallion's rich and deep red color is truly striking, whether you're walking an actual red carpet or just turning the hot bar at Whole Foods into your own. Wigs are a great way to try this trend if you're a little intimidated by the maintenance, btw.

10.Espresso Hair Color

Fun fact: After seeing Nicola Peltz-Beckham's dark brown hair color in my feed, I got up, went straight to the Cosmo beauty closet, and grabbed the espresso hair glaze from the shelf (also, yes, work perks). And luckily, because Rubenstein says rich and saturated hair colors are a major trend for 2023. Just note that however you're making money for the look—whether it's at-home hair dye or glossy dark hair—you'll definitely want to start using color-safe shampoos to avoid color fading.

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