10 Hair Trends You'll See Everywhere This Summer

Hair Trends Summer

Hair Trends Summer. I'll take any excuse to change up my look. Is it my birthday? Let's bleach my eyebrows to celebrate. Holidays approaching? Time for hair extensions. But seasonal transitions are the best reason to give yourself that hair transformation. "Summer is always about something fresh, young, and fun. It's the perfect time to experiment with new looks for the summer holidays," says celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, whose clients include Khloe Kardashian, Hailee Steinfeld, and, oh yeah, me. With warmer weather just around the corner, it's time to switch things up, whether by cutting off your length, trying a bold new color, or focusing on the health of your hair.

Here, discover 10 hair trends that our favorite experts predict we'll see everywhere this summer – ranging from easy-to-maintain looks to daring new styles.

1.Creative Colors

Balayage, highlights, and lowlights? Move aside. "I think people are also very expressive with their hair. So we're still seeing a lot of creative colors, people really want to have a big change with their hair," says celebrity stylist David Lopez. Whether you go for vibrant hues or artistically crafted patterns, this summer is the season for extraverts.

2.Baby Bangs

There's no such thing as too short anymore. "Super short pixie-ish bangs, a few inches above the brows, give that baby doll bangs look," says Shvonne Perkins, Master Colorist at Madison Reed. These fringe styles work great for shorter lengths, but grown-out bobs also help create that très chic Parisian look.

3.Super Sleek

Bring out the hair gel and your boar bristle brush – it's time to create that perfectly sleek Bella Hadid updo. "I think we'll see less messy bangs and more polished back looks with a little bit of volume like a bump in the ponytail or a slight backcombing at the crown," says Perkins. This is great for those third-day hair moments when it starts to look a bit oily – something we need in the humid summer season.

4.Mermaid Mane

What hairstyle will be everywhere this summer? "Extra-long inches," says Marjan. If you naturally have long hair, don't reach for the scissors. For anyone not blessed with mermaid-length locks, extensions, wigs, or clip-ins can help emulate the look without needing to grow your hair down to your waist. The possibilities are endless with extra hair to rock this summer.

5.Warm Weather

The temperature is heating up – and so are your hair colors. Typically, we see warmer tones in the fall, but stylists predict a summer resurgence this year. If you're not a natural redhead, don't worry – all hair colors can follow this trend. "For color, warmth is still king," says Perkins. "Across the board, we're seeing a shift from ashy blondes-possibly to blondes and warm, shimmering brown hair with golden, copper, and champagne hues."

6.Blunt Bobs

Perhaps it's the Hailey Bieber effect (she chopped her hair, so now we all have to), but the lob is making a comeback, according to Marjan. "Summer is always about something fresh, young, and fun. It's the perfect time to experiment with new looks for the summer holidays, and short haircuts are much easier to maintain." Lopez adds, "We're starting to see that Lord Farquaad hair come back, which works really, really well for some people. Another example is Hailey Bieber cutting her hair super, super short, which has inspired a lot of people to go for that very short cut, especially in the summer."

7.Structured Shag

The lived-in cut isn't going anywhere, according to Lopez. Whether you air on the side of caution and get some extra layers or fully commit to shaggy, embracing your natural texture is key. "I think people are getting bored and wanting to look more glamorous and show off their hair," says Perkins. If your hair is naturally straight, reach for hair mousse and beach spray to create more fullness.

8.Bright Blonde

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic. "This year, I think we'll see some classic hair colors come back for this summer. Blondes getting blonder, brunettes getting lighter, and pinks and coppers. All colors remain natural and vibrant," says celebrity hairstylist and brand founder Guy Tang. Sun-kissed and highlighted looks will never go out of style for the summer.

9.Hair Health

"Overall, hair health seems to be the most dominant trend among all communities," says Lopez. "So whether you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, high-textured hair, it seems like hair health is becoming an overall trend." That means putting away the bleach and hot tools and instead swapping in healing masks and moisturizers to give your damaged strands the time and nourishment they need to recover.

10.Starlet Styles

Bring out your hot rollers and bring back the charm of Old Hollywood. "As far as cuts go, bolder shapes are finally coming back. Hair is taking up space again with big bangs, full-bodied curls, and lots of layers and volume," says Perkins. That means it's time to perfect your blow-drying technique and finally learn how to use a round brush.

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