10 Truly Underrated Towns In Georgia That Deserve To Be Explored

Skip the more popular destinations and visit these underrated towns in Georgia for a unique travel experience.

While many visitors are aware of the major places to visit in the Peach State, the majority of people are yet to fully discover so many underrated towns in Georgia that have exciting things to offer.

Most of these towns come with amazing things like vibrant downtown, rich European culture, impressive natural scenery, and opportunities for a lot of adventures. Of course, one should always visit the more popular places in the state, but for a more unique and relaxing experience, check out the most underrated towns in Georgia.


Darien is a small town south of Savannah with a rich history and lots of attractions. It used to be an undefended town of 500 people when the US Army displaced its citizens during the civil war. However, it has since expanded and is now one of the best places for a vacation in Georgia.

Here, visitors will be met with amazing natural scenery and opportunities for adventures like fishing, boating, and wildlife watching. The town is also home to interesting attractions like Fort King George Historic Site which is the oldest English Fort left on the coast of Georgia.

  • Location: McIntosh County, Georgia
  • More things to do: Hiking, camping, swimming

9. Tallulah Falls

Tallulah is a little town in Georgia's Habersham County that offers gorgeous natural scenery and lots of opportunities for adventures. The town is home to the Tallulah Gorge State Park which is endowed with waterfalls that cascade through the Tallulah Gorge, and lush forests that change scenery during different seasons.

In and around this park, visitors will enjoy activities like hiking, and biking while enjoying the natural scenery. Besides the park, Tallulah Falls also has lakes that are great for fishing, and lots of events are held here throughout the year as well.

  • Location: Habersham and Rabun County, Georgia
  • More things to do: Camping, kayaking, and rock climbing

8. Helen

Helen combines Bavarian charms with gorgeous mountain scenery to create a unique destination that all travelers must visit in Georgia.

Here, one will be met with stunning architecture and natural attractions that are picture-perfect and great for exciting adventures like swimming and tubing. Helen is also known for its exciting festivals like the annual Oktoberfest plus Decemberfest, making those months a great time to visit.

  • Location: White County, Georgia
  • More things to do: Hiking, zip lining, shopping


The Master's golf tournament is held in Augusta annually, but this beautiful town has much more to offer than world-class golfing. It also has a bustling arts and culture scene, and lots of attractions that visitors will love exploring.

Interesting music events, Whether visitors seek a vacation filled with amazing shopping and fine dining or one filled with exciting music events and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and biking, this town has something for everyone.

  • Location: Richmond County, Georgia
  • Top attractions: Imperial Theater, Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, Savannah River

6. Cataula

Although unpopular and not often talked about, Cataula has beautiful natural scenery and a few attractions that make it worth a day trip or a quick stop for those on U.S. Route 27 road trip.

The town is home to local restaurants serving amazing dishes as well as a lake, waterfalls, and a park where people can eat, relax, or engage in some exciting activities like biking and hiking.

  • Location: Harris, Georgia
  • More things to enjoy: Festivals, farmer's markets, golfing, nature walks

5. Ellijay

Ellijay town is one of the most underrated towns in Georgia, located on a mountainside in the northern part of the state. The town prides itself on being Georgia's Apple capital and visitors here will get to enjoy charming natural scenery and lots of outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking.

The town also has a local winery, lots of vineyards, and a bustling downtown filled with boutique shops and lots of restaurants.

As Georgia’s Apple Capital, Ellijay hosts the annual Georgia Apple Festival which features live music, crafts, and different kinds of apple products.

  • Location: Gilmer County, Georgia
  • Top attractions: Buckley Vineyards, Mountain Valley Farm Store, Craters Lake, one of the deepest lakes in Georgia

4. Duluth

With an estimated population of 31,000 (2021), Duluth is more like a city, but it still has that charming town charm that makes it worthy of being included on the list.

Here, one will be met with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation from restaurants to bars, hotels, and many more. When it comes to things to see and do, this city is endowed with a long list of attractions from historical landmarks to art museums and golf courses.

  • Location: Gwinnett County, Georgia
  • Things to do: Hiking, picnicking, camping

3. Kennesaw

Kennesaw is famous for its tourist-friendly atmosphere, interesting history, and natural scenery. The town is home to historic attractions like Mountain National Battlefield Park and the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, both of which are promising places for visitors to explore all the historic events that unfolded in Kennesaw.

Despite its small-town charm, Kennesaw features big-city amenities like restaurants, bars, accommodations, green spaces, and vibrant shopping spots. Several events are also held in the town throughout the year, so there’s always something to enjoy here.

  • Location: Cobb County, Georgia
  • Things to enjoy: Shopping, fine dining, parks & recreation

2. Lula

Lula is a charming small town located in the North of Georgia that’s majorly known for being the railroad junction. The town has a rich railroad history, and it even hosts the annual Railroad Days festival that is aimed at celebrating its railroad history.

The event is usually held in spring, and it features music, crafts, and local arts. Besides the railroad heritage, Lula also has several interesting landmarks that visitors will love exploring. Facilities like restaurants, bars, and hotels are available in this city, so tourists can rest assured of an enjoyable vacation.

  • Location: Hall and Banks Counties, Georgia
  • Things to enjoy: Hiking, biking, train riding

1. Lithonia

The town of Lithonia is a town in Dekalb County that comes with small-town charm and beautiful natural scenery. Here, visitors will be met with a downtown area where lots of dining, hotels, shops, and restaurants are lined up to give visitors an exciting adventure.

The town is home to the Lithonia Stewart Amphitheater which regularly holds concerts and other cultural events throughout the year. It also has a mountain area that’s great for hiking, biking, picnicking, and kayaking.

  • Location: Dekalb, Georgia
  • Top attractions: Lithonia Plaza Shopping Center, Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

They may not be flashy, but some of the most underrated towns in Georgia could make for an unforgettable vacation.

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