Bridal Hairstyles To Rock With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been stealing the spotlight as one of the top hair trends. Universally flattering and low-commitment, they are the perfect fringe for just about anyone. If you're a bride-to-be with curtain bangs, you may be wondering how to style them on your big day. After all, bangs draw attention and will be front and center (literally) in all your wedding photos.

There's something chic and modern about a bride with bangs, and curtain bangs have a unique allure. They're polished yet edgy, and you can wear them thin and swept away from your face or opt for a blunt and fuller look. However you style them, curtain bangs bring a glamorous and romantic touch to any wedding hairstyle.

Just a tip: If you want to trim your bangs before tying the knot, do it at least a few weeks in advance for them to look more natural and grow into your wedding day. And if you're looking for ways to style your amazing curtain bangs on your wedding day, you've come to the right place. We've gathered some beautiful bridal hairstyle inspirations that you can rock with curtain bangs.

Half-Up, Half-Down

With a half-up, half-down hairstyle, you truly get the best of both worlds: the beauty of your flowing hair plus the comfort and elegance of your hair being tied up. Curtain bangs add a bit more flair to the front of this style, framing your face and creating a peek-a-boo look that's worth emulating when styled above your bridal eye makeup. Shorter curtain bangs are the right choice to achieve a similar look to this photo; the shortest part of your bangs should hit just below your eyebrows for that see-through effect.

Low Ponytail

A loose low ponytail with curtain bangs looks incredibly beautiful—it has a cottagecore vibe that makes you feel like you've just stepped out of a flower field. If you want a rustic bride look, low ponytails with curtain and fringe bangs appear casual, elegant, and romantic—all the essential elements of a fairy-tale countryside wedding.

Adorned with a Crown or Hair Accessories

You should feel like a princess on your wedding day, so why not seal the deal with a beautiful bridal crown or hair accessory? Curtain bangs and adorned crowns make a perfect pairing for your wedding day accessories. They will beautifully frame your face, and if you're wearing thinner curtain bangs like in this photo, it will make your stunning hair accessory stand out even more.

High Volume Updo

If you can't get enough volume in your hairstyle, a high volume updo will add height and dimension to your hair. Paired with curtain bangs, this hairstyle gives off a luxurious impression, perfect for brides who want to look chic and sophisticated. Plus, with carefully placed hairpins and hairspray, it will stay in place all night long for celebrating and dancing without getting in the way.

Low Bun with Flower Detail

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand, so it's no wonder many brides want to incorporate flowers into their bridal hair look. Floral curtain and fringe bangs look particularly romantic, especially if you opt for a slightly undone and effortless hairstyle like this. If you'll have plenty of flowers at your wedding, choose flowers for your hair that complement your wedding's color scheme to make a stunning statement as you walk down the aisle.

Low Bun with Ribbon

If your hair feels plain when pulled back, curtain bangs are one solution to liven up your appearance. Feathered curtain bangs will look like a party in the front while your hair is formal in the back. The low bun hairstyle is a classic bridal hairstyle, and curtain bangs add romance

without braids and twists (although you can incorporate them too). Accessories like ribbons add a beautiful feminine touch.

Natural Curls and Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs also pair well with curly hair, but you need to give a little extra attention to your styling plan. Ask your hairstylist to cut your bangs depending on whether you want to wear them straight or curly on your wedding day. Trim them so that they sit right where you want them for your bridal style. For example, if you wear them straight on a daily basis but want to wear them curly on your wedding day, you'll want slightly longer curtain bangs so they don't look too short when your hair is in its natural curly pattern.

Textured Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

Trendy and timeless, the bob haircut is an impeccable look for staying cool on your wedding day. And guess what? You can also rock curtain bangs with short hair. In fact, adding curtain bangs to a bob has an adorable charm that looks fresh and youthful. The best part about the bob haircut is all the length options; you can go for a longer lob, a shoulder-length bob, or a more French bob-like in this photo.

Loose Curls and Pearl Headband

Pearls are a beautiful wedding accessory. You're probably used to seeing them in pearl jewelry or pearl-adorned veils. A more unique choice is a pearl headband, which brings this gem to the forefront of your wedding look. Loose and flowing curls give the pearl headband a relaxed and glamorous without effort appearance.

With these stunning bridal hairstyles, you can embrace your curtain bangs and make them shine on your special day. Whether you opt for a romantic updo, a flowing half-up, half-down style, or a chic bob, curtain bangs add a touch of elegance and modernity to your bridal look. So, embrace the fringe and rock your wedding with confidence and style.

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