All The Top Hair Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Top Hair Trends

Top Hair Trends. As we step into the new year, changing up your look with a new haircut or color is one of the best ways to hit the reset button for 2023.

The past 12 months have seen bob haircuts, money pieces, and— for the bold among us—shaggy mullets make waves, but what are the big hair trends that are coming in 2023?

To find out, we tapped into some of the biggest names in beauty, including award-winning hairstylist Anthony Nader (owner and hairstylist at RAW salon), beauty artist Sangeetha Smith (leader of fragrance, hair, and body education at Mecca), and marie claire's own beauty director, Sally Hunwick.

Below, the biggest hair trends set to reign in 2023.

Layered Hair

This style adds life to your strands by removing any weight that may weigh down your look. Layers not only create shape to your mane, but also add volume and texture—it's a cut that can't go wrong in 2023.

"Layers help frame the face for both long and short hairstyles," says Smith to marie claire. If you're looking for inspiration in 2023, look to Jennifer Lopez with her long layers or the short layers inspired by Rachel Green like Emma Chamberlain.

Bronde, Not Blonde

This is the low-maintenance cousin of the full-on Scandinavian blonde look.

A blend of blonde and brunette, bronde is the fun middle ground between the two tones. Involving a combination of balayage and natural highlights, its shade is perfect for low-maintenance girls who don't want to commit to weekly salon appointments. Hailey Bieber made her mark with her signature bronde in 2022, and we expect to see it everywhere in the coming year.

"Think of our best Australian example, Margot Robbie," says Anthony Nader. "Her natural brown roots blend with the grown-out blonde hair using natural balayage techniques."

Loving Retro

Retro is making a comeback for 2023, and '70s-inspired haircuts will continue to be a hit.

The shag is an incredibly versatile look that can be styled in various ways. Short straight bangs? Micro bangs? Or even the beloved TikTok-famous wolf cut (2.3 billion views and counting), which rose to fame in 2021 and is sure to stick around.

"This cut will be seen everywhere during the summer months," says Nader. "The hairstyle is really going mainstream now."


The mixie cut is a classic cool girl look for the 2023 season.

With fans including Florence Pugh and Emma Corrin, the mixie is a cross between an '80s mullet and a pixie cut.

"Chopped hair will be prevalent in 2023, so I think we'll be looking for beautiful texture that looks effortless and feminine at the same time," says Hunwick.

Solid Bangs

Bangs are the hairstyle du jour. Popularized by the success of Wednesday (who can forget Jenna Ortega's iconic look) as well as the new French girl star Lily Collins in Emily In Paris, bangs have gone viral on social media.

However, bangs are not for the low maintenance among us. "It's a very precise hairstyle that will require some upkeep to maintain a healthy bounce and religious hair trim appointments every six weeks," says Nader.

If you're willing to commit, you can pair them with a classic friend, soft bangs, or blunt bangs. And for inspiration, look to Jennifer Aniston's era in Friends, which Hunwick predicts will be big in 2023.

Claw Clips

"With the revival of '80s and '90s beauty, claw clips are making a comeback," says Hunwick.

Claw clips became mainstream in 2022, and they will continue to dominate in 2023, which is also a dream for the health of our hair.

"The once-dated claw clip is making a cool comeback with people like the Hadid sisters, Kaia Gerber, and Kardashians slapping them in," says Nader. If it's good enough for Bella, it's good enough for us.

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