New Leaks of Galaxy Z Flip 5 Dummy Unit Show Persistent Hinge Gap [Gallery]

New Leaks of Galaxy Z Flip 5 Dummy Unit Show Persistent Hinge Gap [Gallery]

Galaxy Z Flip 5. With just a few weeks left until the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung's upcoming device has been subject to numerous leaks. Today, a new leak reveals images and a brief video showcasing a dummy unit of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which is typically used for accessory manufacturing. Surprisingly, this dummy unit still exhibits a hinge gap.

The images display a familiar design, featuring a prominent cover display in the shape of a large folder icon, along with two camera modules. The rest of the design remains virtually unchanged, including the fingerprint sensor and the hinge. While there isn't anything particularly new about the leaked images, our attention was drawn to the hinge, particularly the noticeable gap when the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is folded. This gap was widely anticipated to be eliminated in this year's model, as Samsung was expected to introduce a "waterdrop" hinge, which helps reduce the gap by creating more space for the display to fold. This new hinge design has been seen on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which also exhibits a minimal hinge gap, albeit significantly smaller than what is depicted in these images.

It is possible that this hinge gap is a result of the unit being a dummy model. However, this would be somewhat peculiar considering the purpose of such units is to test accessories. Based on some of the images, it appears that the hinge operates differently from the retail devices. Nevertheless, it is advisable to approach these leaks with caution and consider them with a grain of salt.

The official unveiling of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is just around the corner, scheduled for July 26 as confirmed by Samsung. Reservations for the device are currently open, and pre-ordering can earn customers a $50 credit.

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