Purple Haze: The Cool Summer Shade For Your Next Manicure

Nails Summer. When summer arrives, one thing that always gets us excited is following the latest nail art trends that emerge during the season. Floral patterns are a perennial favorite for summer, as are bright colors and summer fruit designs. However, sometimes you don't want to wear nails that are deemed "cute" or "fun," or that you'll see everyone else wearing next week—you want your nails to maintain their own allure, just like you do. If this sounds like you, then purple is the perfect nail color to go to the salon for your summer manicure.

Believe it or not, purple nail polish can reveal a lot about you. Dark purple will show that you're more than ready for some autumnal spookiness, while lavender can speak to your mystical inner self. Light and delicate lilac shades can even evoke the essence of flowers without any actual floral paintings. If you want to showcase your uniqueness without shouting it out, purple may be the best nail color for your summer manicure.

Make them holographic

Want a stunning set of purple nails that instantly grab attention under the sunlight? Treat yourself to holographic polish. Plain holographic purple nails are mesmerizing, but if you feel like adding a little extra decoration, pair them with a slanted French tip, as shown in the photo above.

Add some polka dots into the mix

If you've missed it, pointillism nails are in, and we think this nail art trend looks stunning on a set of purple nails. Yes, polka dots will make your manicure lean towards the fun side, but when did that become a bad thing? If you want to give your purple nails an approachable touch, adding some dots may be the right way to go—you can even do it with another shade of purple if you want to maintain your mysterious aura.

Purple makes for a great oil slick color

If you're a mystical mama who intends to maintain your witchy aura throughout the year, a slick purple color is a great choice when you visit the salon again. Sleek and shiny, the sweet oil slick will reflect the sunlight like no other, dazzling anyone who may see you in the wrong way. Some may call it magic; we just call it an amazing purple manicure.

Find purple nail polish with big glitter specks

On the other hand, if you want to bring more fairy tale essence to your nails this season, sparkling purple nail polish may be the way to go. Need more mysticism than plain glitter can offer? Look for nail polish that combines larger glitter specks for extra allure.

Give your purple mani a celestial vibe

Are you an astrology expert who knows which planets are in retrograde and can spot constellations from a mile away? Then you may be looking for a manicure that celebrates the moon and stars. Luckily for you, purple is the perfect base color for any celestial manicure. Dark purple will perfectly capture the night sky, but you can also use a medium purple with gold moons and stars on top if you want a brighter look.

Purple chrome nails are captivating

However, if you're feeling more of a fairy-meets-cyborg aura, you might want to try a chrome purple color for your next manicure. While medium purple produces an amazing chrome manicure, if you want something that truly screams "summer," go for a lavender chrome manicure.

Add a shimmery accent to your purple manicure

Is plain purple too boring for you? While the color itself is stunning, you still want a little extra pizzazz added to the mix. If so, go ahead and choose your favorite shade of purple for your next manicure and add a sparkling nail accent to one of your fingers. The shimmering nail polish doesn't have to be purple, but bonus points if it is.

Use purple as a base for abstract designs

Another way to amp up the appeal of your summer purple nails is by using purple as the base for abstract designs. Play around by combining lines of other colors close to the purple color family, such as pink, blue, and even cream, to create an abstract watercolor effect.

Light lilac is the subtle purple trend

Want to get a beautiful purple manicure that doesn't scream for attention? Look no further than the lovely light purple color. Personally, we're obsessed with lilac manicures—they evoke a just-woke-up-like-this feeling in all their stunning elegance. To work extra magic, pair it with a beautiful lilac eyeshadow look when you go flower picking this summer.

Create your Barbiecore purple mani

As we all know, Barbiecore is a perennially popular summer aesthetic, and yes, it extends to your nails. If you're looking for some Barbiecore nail ideas, consider a nail color that's almost more pink than purple. A gorgeous magenta shade demands all the attention Barbie usually gets, but without the fuss. This is a color you'll definitely see us rollerblading in this summer.

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