Daisy Nails: The Timeless Floral Manicure Trend

Floral nails. Floral nails are always in season, and a favorite among many is the adorable ditsy daisy nails. Simple yet captivating, daisy decals can be used with various manicure designs, from solid colors to French manicure bases, and even over intricate patterns. They are the perfect addition to your nails for spring and summer, bringing a bloom to your fingertips.

Although daisies in real life are white and yellow, you don't have to stick to this color scheme with daisy manicures. You can paint your daisies in all the colors of the rainbow and pair them with different patterns. Whether you want them bold and retro or soft and elegant, there are so many options for daisy nails. Best of all, with a steady hand and a bit of creativity, daisy manicures are relatively easy to create at home. All you need is nail polish brushes and dotting tools to create these beautiful little flowers. Additionally, you can let your imagination run wild with different color schemes and details, even incorporating gems, metallic finishes, and nail stickers into your daisy designs.

Three-color Daisy Manicure

Asters are simple-looking flowers, so if you want to make your daisy nails more interesting, one way is to experiment with colors. This manicure uses three bright colors to create a beautiful palette and bring the nail look together. We love how each daisy uses two out of the three colors to make them cohesive, even with busier patterns.

Aster and Pearls

Take a daisy manicure and make it more luxurious with daisies and pearls. This unusual combination works wonders. The playfulness of the daisies and the elegance of the pearls make this manicure look feminine yet elevated. It's a great choice if you want aster nails for a special occasion.

Dreamy Blue Background

These asters almost look like they're floating in the sky or against a gentle water backdrop. The colorful blue base of this manicure is absolutely stunning and sets it apart from the rest. To recreate the look, use holographic blue nail polish (or try regular blue polish with holographic top coat). With the blue base, the white aster flowers look delicate and beautiful. There's an air of realism to this look, so stick with traditional white and yellow aster colors.

Aster on Every Nail

If you truly want the flowers to be the star of the show, paint separate aster flowers on each nail. As these asters take up nearly the entire nail, they are bold and eye-catching. To make the look more fun, choose different colors for each aster flower. Sticking with a color theme, like pastel colors in this case, can make the manicure look cohesive overall.

Itty Bitty Asters

On the other end of the spectrum, we have these tiny, petite asters. At first glance, they don't look like asters at all and can easily be mistaken for mere dots. This is a subtle daisy manicure for when you want to incorporate a floral motif without having them take over your nails. Choose a background with a natural pattern and use light colors like pale white or yellow to make the asters even more delicate.

Barbiecore Daisy Nails

With bright pink colors and feminine designs, we love the current Barbiecore look. Combining daisies and vibrant pink, this manicure evokes Barbie as if she were a flower vendor. The almost-glowing colors and large flowers make this nail look feel tropical, making it a perfect summer mani.

Checkerboard and Asters

Asters can still shine even when not alone. Many patterns, especially nostalgic and retro ones, work beautifully with daisy decals. For instance, with their funky colors, these checkered squares are lots of fun. The scattered daisy design adds a touch of femininity that makes it look more youthful.

Yellow Aster Nails

With their yellow centers and bright character, asters feel like happy flowers. To fully lean into that bright summer vibe, try a white and yellow aster manicure. This look is elegant with its French manicure base, but the vibrant yellow color and stunning aster flowers set it apart from more traditional designs.

Asters and Cow Print

Asters can also have a romantic, cottagecore vibe, so why not pair them with cow print? It's not a match we initially thought of, but once you see them together, it makes perfect sense. To give each pattern space to shine, place them on alternating nails.

Plentiful Asters

Don't stop at just one aster on each nail. These packed daisy nails are so beautiful, and even more so with mismatched colors. For a look like this, you can use as many colors as you like, but if you stick to a particular color palette, your nails will look more cohesive. That said, if you want to go wild, paint aster flowers in every color you have.

Retro Daisy Pattern

The cheerful swirls and bright neon colors make this daisy manicure feel retro. White asters don't fit in here; multicolored asters are a must, and we love how there's no matching center. It makes this mismatched pattern feel more fun and retro!

Accent Daisy Nails

Isolating a single aster flower on its own somehow makes the tiny flower stand out in this manicure. The contrast between the white aster and the deep blue base makes the accent nail pop. It's a cute way to incorporate daisies into your look without going overboard.

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