Indulge in Free McDonald's Fries for National French Fry Day!

 Indulge in Free McDonald's Fries for National French Fry Day!

National French Fry Day. Prepare your taste buds for a mouthwatering treat! To celebrate National French Fry Day, McDonald's is generously offering complimentary fries on Thursday. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal available exclusively through the McDonald's app.

Calling all french fry enthusiasts with smartphones! This offer is tailor-made for you, ensuring a tantalizing experience with fries that are either perfectly crisp or terribly disappointing, depending on their cooking time. Rest assured, if the fries aren't up to par, you deserve to be compensated for your dedication.

On Thursday, July 13, participating McDonald's locations will provide one free serving of fries to each customer. You have the freedom to choose any size that suits your cravings, without any additional purchase necessary. So, venture out to a less crowded McDonald's and savor a delightful and satisfying lunch on the house. And here's an added bonus: ketchup packets are already included at no cost!

Please note that a large serving of fries amounts to 498 calories, allowing you to relish the flavor guilt-free. Get ready to celebrate National French Fry Day with McDonald's and make your Thursday truly remarkable!

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