Goddess Braids Make Protective Styling Fun Again

Whether you're the type of person who loves braiding on vacation or you prefer to incorporate it into your everyday style, you can't go wrong with trying what is arguably the most popular protective hairstyle of all time. Braids are praised for their versatility and functionality, but at its core, it's simply a cute and easily achievable hairstyle. So, when new variations of tried-and-true looks emerge, you can understand why they become instant hits. Enter: goddess braids.

Like their predecessor, goddess locs, goddess braids typically combine traditional box braids with loose, curly hair at the ends or throughout the braids for an effortless boho-chic impression and a look that's usually highly structured. This style gained popularity in 2018 following the locs version and quickly earned hall-of-fame status as a go-to hairstyle that looks great with any outfit or makeup.

However, like other protective styles, you need to be proactive about your hair's health when wearing goddess braids. "To ensure box braids do not damage the hair, make sure they are not installed too tightly," said Alicia Bailey, founder of Iman Yvonne Beauty, previously to POPSUGAR. "If this happens, it can cause follicle damage and hair loss. This can lead to traction alopecia, and depending on the severity of the situation, the hair may not grow back."

To ensure that your goddess braids help—not harm—you, make sure you only wear them for the recommended eight weeks or less, wear a satin cap while sleeping, and maintain scalp hygiene by washing regularly.

Goddess Braids Inspiration

Now that you know everything you need to know about goddess braids, take a closer look at some pictures to inspire your own version of the style going forward. Whether you prefer shorter styles cut into a bob or extra-long lengths, there's always something here for everyone.

Goddess Braids Idea: Long Goddess Braids

Extra-long goddess braids that touch your hips as you walk? Yes, please. Try this multicolored style for a refreshing trend.

Goddess Braids Idea: Short Goddess Braids

Length is not an issue when it comes to goddess braids. In fact, this bob goddess braid is the epitome of chic.

Goddess Braids Idea: Blonde Goddess Braids

Platinum blonde is trending, and goddess braids are the perfect way to follow the trend without damaging your natural hair. Play around with color combinations until you achieve your preferred mix.

Goddess Braids Idea: Red Clay Goddess Braids

This lob goddess braid is something special, thanks to how perfectly this "red clay" color complements the rich skin tones of those who wear it. Find your signature hair color, and goddess braids are the perfect way to experiment with your look without commitment.

Goddess Braids Idea: Black Goddess Braids

If you haven't found your favorite goddess braid color yet, you can never go wrong with the classic sleek black hue as seen here.

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