We Tried a Ton of Beauty Products This Month, but These Stood Out the Most

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At PEOPLE, we take beauty testing very seriously. We sift through hundreds —nay — thousands of pitches and products on a regular basis, carefully swatching, spritzing, and applying the latest and greatest offerings so that we can then share with you, dear readers, those that are worth your hard-earned money. And we're keenly aware that beauty products are subjective, which is why we consult with experts like dermatologists, makeup artists, and hairstylists to determine what will best suit our specific skin and hair types, and we also boast a large testing pool of varying beauty needs so that we're each giving the products a fair trial before writing them off. Sometimes, though, there are those especially shiny offerings that we feel the need to shout from the mountaintop of bottles, tubes, and compacts, which is why we started this monthly series of our absolute favorite picks.

Below, we're rounding up the makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances that made us do a double-take last month — and then reach for them again and again. From a shampoo that essentially solved one editor's oily hair problem to a skincare system developed by a celebrity-loved plastic surgeon, these are our top picks from June.

Our Top Picks

1. Mary Kay Special Edition Matte Liquid Lipstick in Modern Nude

“I'm scared to count how many lipsticks, glosses, pencils and balms in imperceptible shades of pinkish beige are in my makeup drawer at the moment. I tried to cut myself off from adding any more to the collection, but then I discovered this gorgeous neutral hue with a creamy matte finish and I had to have it. And by "it" I mean four tubes since the formula is a special edition. Sure, my drawer no longer closes, but the perfect nude lip color is worth the inconvenience.” — Andrea Lavinthal, style & beauty director

2. Sisley-Paris Phyto-Eye Twist All in One Eyeshadow, Pencil & Eyeliner

“In the summer, I like to throw some shimmer on my eyes, hit my lashes with mascara and be done with it. So I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite eye shadow crayons (which doubles as a liner) comes in two new seasonal metallic shades — Fawn and Sunset. It takes seconds to swipe them across your lids then blend with your fingers.” —  Andrea Lavinthal

3. Brown Girl Jane Discovery Set

“I'm not traveling this summer, so I am relying heavily on the power of scent to transport my mind to grand landscapes far and wide while I commute to work on the New York City subway. Brown Girl Jane's fine fragrance collection does just that. Its founders aim to celebrate Black and Brown cultures and uplift its people — and all people — through unique sensorial experiences that tap into olfactory wellness (backed by years of research). With its debut Wanderlust collection, you can escape to Lamu, Kenya, Bahia, Brazil or Casablanca, Morocco. Not bad, eh? More recently, they've added Dawn, Dusk and Dare to the assortment so you're covered 24/7. You can mix and match all six scents in this genius discovery set. But once you land on one or two you love, I suggest buying a full-size bottle. They're truly exquisite.” — Jackie Fields, deputy beauty director

4. Fekkai Technician Color Shampoo Extended Color Vibrancy

“I’ve used this shampoo for about two months now and have been utterly gobsmacked by the results. Typically, after I wash my hair, my scalp looks and feels greasy just one to two days later requiring way more dry shampoo than I'd care to admit. But since using this formula, I’m not exaggerating when I say that oily hair is no longer even a glimmer of an issue for me. Also, my hair color somehow looks better than when I first got it done months ago, and my mane is overall shiny and healthier looking. The only downside is the price, but you truly just need a small nickel-sized amount, so it’s lasted me quite some time.” — Lindsey Metrus, commerce director

5. Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Plumping Blush Veil

“I’ve pretty much switched over entirely to cream blush formulas in favor of a dewier, more natural-looking flush, and am always game to try the latest and greatest new launches. When I saw that Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s longtime makeup artist, was launching a line of creamy, highly pigmented blushes, I jumped at the chance to try them.

“The formulas practically melt on contact and blend beautifully onto the skin. I’ve found that using my fingers to apply them yields color that’s a bit too concentrated on my fair complexion, so I’ve moved to using a fluffy brush to dab the color onto my cheeks and find that it’s the perfect method. My favorite shade is Perfect Pink, a cool-toned Barbie hue that gives off a healthy dose of color that lasts all day.” — Lindsey Metrus

6. Superzero Deep Clean & Oil Control Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair & Scalp

“I was a little skeptical when it came to trying a bar shampoo and conditioner. I questioned whether Superzero’s deep cleaning products would provide the same moisturizing benefits that my liquid hair products do — and yet, they outperformed them. I’ve been using the Superzero Deep Clean & Oil Control Shampoo Bar and the Hydrating Bond Repair Conditioner Bar and they clean my hair effortlessly, leaving it smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. My hair isn’t just clean on day one, it still looks clean on day two (which is ideal for someone with oily-prone hair).

"It’s easy to create a lather despite the small size of these bars — a benefit that makes for easy airport travel since they aren’t liquid. Plus, the whole line of superhero products is highly sustainable. There are no plastics whatsoever, and you can easily use the whole bar so there’s absolutely no waste (unlike bottles that stubbornly hold the last few drops of product hostage). The containers and packaging are all recyclable, and the entire production process creates 90 percent less carbon emissions than most traditional shampoos and conditioners. I’ve been using the same bars for over two months and they’ve barely shrunk in size. I love the ease of use, sustainable background, longevity, and results.” — Madison Yauger, senior commerce writer

7. MahaMane Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

“I immediately said 'yes' to this product upon first smell. The scent is simply delightful, bringing back a wave of nostalgia from childhood. Despite my long break from using leave-in conditioners, I knew my hair needed an extra dose of hydration. On top of adding deep moisture, this product effortlessly detangles my locks leaving my hair feeling incredibly soft. I love that it's a heat protectant too, meaning one less step in my haircare routine. The key ingredients are amla, red hibiscus, and aloe, which condition, moisturize, and restore the hair. All-in-all, this is a must-try product.” — Dhara Patel, commerce project manager

8. Milk Shake Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane Facial Toner Mist

“I never thought to include goat milk in my skincare routine, but now I'm sold on the concept. It's the star ingredient in this toner (along with just about all of the brand's beauty products) packed with prebiotics, AHA lactic acids, vitamins, minerals, and a whopping 17 amino acids. This toner's shake-before-use formula combines hyaluronic acid, squalene, and mugwort. I must confess that toner wasn't something I used regularly, but this gem has become an absolute must-have in my morning lineup. Watching the bi-phase formula mix together is like a flashback to my elementary science classes and makes the application fun. I love how refreshing it is on the bare skin and over makeup. And it doesn't have a heavy 'milky' scent or feel – instead, it's light and hydrating, leaving my skin feeling fresh and revived.” — Dhara Patel

9. Dr. Diamond’s Metacine Instafacial Collection

“Famous for the celeb-loved The Diamond InstaFacial, Dr. Jason Diamond wanted to bring the benefits of this exclusive facial to the masses — so he created Dr. Diamond's Metacine. What's special about this system is that it's truly science-backed skincare: After six years of lab testing a complex that includes bioactive retinoids, hyaluronic acid, lipopeptides, and niacinamide, it produced clinically proven results; for example, after eight weeks of use, the testing subjects saw a 91% improvement in their crow's feet, which is measured objectively by an imaging system that measures facial wrinkles.

"I have been lucky to try out this unique skincare regimen myself, and the hype is real. My skin genreally looks more youthful, my forehead and undereye wrinkles look less noticeable, and my skin texture is overall smoother and more supple. These are all subjective observations, of course (I don't have that fancy medical technology in my apartment), but seeing these results makes me wonder if it's as close to Botox in a bottle that we have.” — Erika Reals, senior commerce editor

10. Vacation Super Spritz SPF 50

“I've been loving face mists lately (it's so hot out), and this Super Spritz SPF50 face mist from Vacation is a staple in my bag. I always apply sunscreen in the morning, but if I'm going for a long walk or need a quick reapplication, I reach for this retro-inspired mist. It's SPF 50, so I feel confident I'm protected, and Vacation's throwback design makes the application process a little more fun.” — Erin Johnson, senior commerce editor

11. Naked Sundays SPF50 Mineral Face Sunscreen

“It's hard to find a mineral sunscreen that spreads well and doesn't leave a white cast, so I was super grateful when I found this SPF 50 sunscreen from Naked Sundays. It blends easily, has a bit of a tint and subtle shine, and it's become my go-to beach-day face sunscreen. The only problem? I shared it with my friend group, and they keep trying to steal it out of my beach bag — it's that good.” — Erin Johnson

12. Victoria Beckham Beauty BabyBlade Eyebrow Pencil

“This eyebrow pencil was my introduction to Victoria Beckham Beauty and needless to say, I was impressed. I’ve never tried an eyebrow pencil that goes on as smooth as this gem of a product. The creamy formula glides through my arches while its narrow asymmetrical applicator makes it easy to both outline my brows and get into even the tiniest of gaps that need filling. If I end up overdrawing, all I have to do it comb my hair with the spoolie brush on the other end of the pencil to blend things out. The result: natural-looking, clean, strong brows that stay put all day long.” — Michelle Lee, beauty and style editorial assistant

13. Mediheal Watermide Toner Pads

“What recently caught my attention on the beauty side of TikTok was Mediheal’s Toner Pads. I’ve been a fan of the South Korean-born brand for years for its sheet masks (which my sensitive-skin loves) and was keen to try the Watermide pads that come soaked in hydrating ingredients like Icelandic Glacial Water. I place one vegan fiber-made pad on each of my cheeks before any other product, and will leave them on for about five minutes so that my skin really absorbs the essence. After spreading the leftover product on my chin and forehead, my skin feels supple and prepped for the rest of my skin care routine.” — Michelle Lee

14. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Matte Lip Blur Liquid Lipstick

"If you're a Charlotte Tilbury lip devotee (I know in recent years I've certainly become one), then you'll be happy to know that the latest addition to the Airbrush Flawless family is the Lip Blur — a moisturizing middle ground between a matte lipstick and moisturizing lip cream. I was first drawn to these lippies when I saw the full-glam campaign shot of Bella Hadid done up in the shade 'Ruby Blur,' but was hesitant to throw myself at this product because of my past liquid lipstick era (you remember the dry, cracked lips we all had around 2015). To my surprise, this product applied in one smooth, velvety swipe, requiring no extra layers of cake-y formula like other liquid lipsticks I'd tried in the past. It felt so comfortable on my skin that I forgot it was on at all, and I loved the versatility of the ways I could wear each shade. My favorite? Lining my lips with the Lip Cheat liner (in 'Pillow Talk,' of course) and tapping a few dots of the matching Pillow Talk Lip Blur onto the center swells of my lips, blending it towards the liner with the pad of my fingertips for a soft, effortlessly glam look." — Alyssa Brascia, commerce staff writer

15. Hero Cosmetics Pore Purity Cleansing Mask

"Summertime skin usually beckons images of glowy, dewy, tanned and blushed skin — but the reality of these 'glow from within' looks is usually a mixture of sweat, makeup buildup, and natural oils, all of which intensify in the summer heat. If there's ever a time that I need a skin de-gunking product, it's now, and luckily Hero Cosmetics' new clay mask is here to save the day.

"As someone with the beginning stages of rosacea on her skin, I'm trying to be extra careful when I use cleansers, toners, masks... truly anything that can strip away my skin barrier, since it can get irritated so quickly. Though I've been (literally) burned by masks in the past, this was not the case with this little navy tube — the baby blue mask felt lighter than any other clay formula I've tried and didn't dry uncomfortably or keep me from making facial expressions (or worse, crumble onto my sheets). The mask felt as soft as a cloud on my skin and sudsed up easily when my 10 minutes of wear time were up and I had to wash it off. To my pleasant surprise, I was left with no rosacea-induced redness, but rather moisturized skin and a healthy glow. After a few more uses, I also noticed a serious decrease in the number of blackheads that I'll usually see on my oilier zones. This mask is a summer staple (especially for sensitive-skinned beauty lovers), if you ask me." — Alyssa Brascia

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